2016 AGM Notice


	      Sunday 21st February 2016 from 17:30 - 18:30
	                 APRICOT 2015  Auckland

      Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of
      the Asia Pacific Internet Association (APIA) will be held
      as follows:

      Date: Sunday 21st February 2016
      Time: 17:30 - 18:30
      Venue: NZ4, Level 5, SkyCity Convention Centre, Auckland,
             New Zealand


      1. To Confirm Minutes of the APIA General Meeting held on 3rd
         March 2015
      2. To Discuss any Matters Arising from the above
      3. Annual Report 2015 by APIA Chair
      4. Financial Report 2015 by APIA Treasurer
      5. Election of Board of Directors
      6. To Discuss any other Business

      We would like to highlight to members that nominations are
      now open for vacant positions on the APIA Board of
      Directors. Please send e-mail to the APIA Secretariat (apiasec
      at apia.org) if you wish to nominate a candidate(s) to stand
      for election by filling in the Nomination Form. Nominations
      should reach the APIA Secretariat no later than 17:00 (UTC+13)
      on Wednesday 17th February 2016.

      Kindly submit any issues that you may wish to bring up at the
      APIA AGM in writing under item 6 (any other business) of the
      Agenda to the APIA latest by 17:00 (UTC+13) on Wednesday 17th
      February 2016.

      The following documents are enclosed for your attention:

      1. Draft minutes of the APIA AGM held on 3rd March 2015
      2. Nomination Form
      3. Election Procedures
      4. Proxy Form

      The Financial Statements will be posted on the APIA’s website closer
      to the meeting.

      Yours faithfully,

      Philip Smith, APIA Chair
      web: www.apia.org
      Email: apiasec at apia.org
      c/o APNIC Pty Ltd, 6 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane
      QLD 4101, Australia

The AGM is open to the public, but only APIA Members are permitted to vote.


2016 AGM Documents